How to Perform a Coffee Enema at Home

The heightened awareness about the importance of holistic health has made coffee enema one of the most popular detox procedures. The long list of coffee enema health benefits have made this liver detox technique a “must try” for men and women.

The coffee enema detox technique was created by holistic health expert Dr. Max Gerson in 1930. It was originally meant for cancer patients in the treatment of symptoms brought about by traditional cancer treatments including chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

If you are curious as to how a home enema is done, here is a concise guide that will help you get through your first session with ease!

Best organic coffee for enema

Purchase certified organic coffee for enema detox. Do not use regular coffee as this may cause more harm than damage to your colon and liver function. Light to medium roast coffee beans are perfect as they contain sufficient levels of caffeine and palmitates. For those who suffer from caffeine sensitivity, we highly recommend purchasing Gerson medium roast coffee beans.

Purchase an enema kit

You can’t borrow other people’s enema kit. As enema is an invasive procedure, you will need to clean tools to work with all the time. Using other people’s kit can lead to contamination or infection. Ideally, purchase a stainless steel enema bucket. This will be useful if you plan on conducting enema on a regular basis.

Always do enemas in the bathroom

A coffee enema is a retention type enema which means that practitioners need to hold the coffee solution for 15 minutes before evacuation. To facilitate easy defecation, it’s best to position yourself nearest the toilet bowl. Do an enema in an area of the bathroom with ample space so you can move around freely, too.

Use room temperature coffee enema solution

A coffee enema solution should be administered at room temperature. Introducing a hot or cold coffee solution will produce unwanted symptoms and will not be as effective in detoxing and flushing out toxins from the body.

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